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How can I use NIIF free gatekeeper services?

NIIF-GK: restricted gatekeeper service for HUNGARNET member institutions only.

FZ-GK: for unrestricted use for any user with any H.323 compatible terminal (so called Free Zone gatekeeper service), in order to connect to the GDS international dialling plan. To connect, please follow the below procedure:

  1. Choose a min. 4 digit phone number (e.g. 1234) randomly. Concatenate this number to the prefix 0036900 (i.e. 00369001234). This will be your extension number.
  2. Please setup your endpoint to register at the gatekeeper: fz-gk.vvc.niif.hu
  3. Please configure your terminal to use the phone number you have chosen in step 1. Attention! Long format phone number must be used (0036900....). (Note: if the number is not configured properly, the endpoint will be not reachable, but calls could be still placed using the endpoint.)
  4. In case of a successful registration, you can start using your endpoint. If the registration was not successful, please check the configuration again. If it does not help then you are potentially facing a firewall and/or NAT problem, in order to resolve this, please read "Security Settings" page.


Polycom PVX soft videoconference client

Polycom VSX 7000 videoconference endpoint

Testing your connectivity

By dialing below test numbers, you can make sure that your endpoint is properly configured.

In-country calls (NIIF/HUNGARNET community):

  • 003655119999 (NIIF MCU test number)
  • 00361001019 (NIIF Institute test endpoint)

For international GDS connectivity testing please see educonf directory service.