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Registrations in the urn:geant:niif.hu Namespace

GEANT has delegated the operation of urn:geant:niif.hu namespace to NIIFI -> KIFÜ. KIFÜ administers the Uniform Resource Name namespace urn:geant:niif.hu, which enables all scientific institutions in Hungary to assign unique, permanent and globally valid names to different resources. The exact use of the entries is not prescribed. GÉANT primarily wants to promote standardization within the scientific community and especially the interoperability of middleware with the namespace.

If you want to request a delegation, please send an email to urn@niif.hu .

Namespaces administered by KIFÜ

Namespace Purpose Date Registered Registry link/email
urn:geant:niif.hu:niif Namespace supporting KIFÜ systems 10 March 2010 urn@niif.hu
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