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This page briefly summarizes the steps needed to get Vidyo work on recent Debian based Linux distributions.


Vidyo Linux documentation summarizes the steps needed to install Vidyo deb package on recent Linuxes. In case of that the referred page was not available, the most important message is the official VidyoDesktop package has an unnecessary dependency on libqt4-gui and it has the instructions how to get rid of that.

Note: Unfortunately it's not allowed to distribute VidyoDesktop packages, that's why everybody needs to perform the steps themselves. Of course, Vidyo should fix this issue soon. Please edit this page if it happens.
Note: If you can access, you can download the 'original' (unpatched) VidyoDesktop in .deb and .rpm formats, but please always use official sources.

Starting Vidyo

Vidyo cannot use PulseAudio framework, just ALSA directly. Therefore, before you try to access the videoconference, you need to start VidyoDesktop manually from a terminal (or by using a custom script):

$ pasuspender -- VidyoDesktop
Note: It seems that system audio doesn't work while VidyoDesktop is running.